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No road, bridge or parking lot lasts forever. Over time, pavement can become distressed and uneven, often as a result of high traffic, rough weather and vehicle accidents. Asphalt milling is a cost effective and environmentally safe option for asphalt maintenance and repair.

APM O'Neill & Sons offers a range of top quality and cost effective asphalt milling services across Long Island and the surrounding areas. We are committed to consistently delivering a high standard of quality and professionalism and have over 30 years of experience in pavement milling, recycling asphalt and improving roads and parking lots.

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Professional asphalt milling contractors near me Long Island
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Local asphalt milling services near me Long Island
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What is Asphalt Milling in Long Island?

Asphalt milling is the controlled removal of a predetermined depth of material to adjust the pavement’s profile, make repairs to the pavement or its foundation, or correct issues with slope, drainage or height. Our state of the art milling machines can be set to remove just a few millimeters of pavement or to remove all layers of pavement.

Milling machines grind layers of bad asphalt and recycle the waste (asphalt millings) as aggregate in reclaimed asphalt pavement (RAP) which is then used to level and surface roads and parking lots. Compared to asphalt removal, milling saves money by removing only the layers that require replacement. Asphalt millings are also 100% recyclable and can help reduce the cost and environmental impact of additional asphalt services.

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What Are the Common Reasons for Milling an Asphalt Pavement?

Whether your project involves a business parking lot or a public street, improving the surface for driving for less money and with less harm to the environment is the best way to go. Asphalt milling can be used for a range of purposes including:

  • Transitions – When two pavements meet, there is often a height difference between them. Milling can refine these areas so that there is a smooth transition from one pavement to the other.
  • Overlays – Milling is often used to prepare an existing pavement for the installation of an asphalt overlay. Milling around the edges and near manhole covers or other features can keep curbs, gutters, drains and other fixtures at the correct height in relation to the pavement.
  • Repairs – Milling is a quick and cost effective way to remove existing pavement to repair the foundation or prepare for an asphalt patch. Milling can also be used to repair surface imperfections including uneven areas, stains and some types of ruts.
  • Drainage – Many drainage issues can be addressed by milling the pavement to alter its profile. This can help ensure that water flows from the pavement into the gutters or drains quickly and efficiently

Asphalt milling results in less disruption to traffic, your customers and your business than using traditional methods. It takes less time and the area can be reopened almost immediately after the milling is performed. Asphalt milling speeds construction, minimising disruption to the public and it provides a safer, smoother road or parking lot surface.

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Why choose APM O'Neill & Sons for your asphalt milling in Long Island?

Our clients benefit from a skilled workforce with a track record of integrity and professionalism and all our asphalt milling and pavement repair services are of high quality and cost effective.

With our commitment to quality and reliability, competitive prices, and our guarantees, we remain the preferred asphalt milling contractors in Long Island.

You can rely on our expertise and professionalism when it comes to quality pavement milling solutions.

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  • Competitive local pricing
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  • Reliable, trusted, and friendly staff
  • Installation, maintenance, and repairs
Local asphalt milling contractors near me Long Island
Driveway specialists installers Long Island

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All our asphalt, masonry and paving works are long-lasting and fully guaranteed. This is to give you a peace of mind so you can relax knowing your driveway and patios are covered for years to come.

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Corey Churnside
Corey Churnside
11 November 2023
These guy did my driveway and back patio, top class work. They arrive early and dedicated to the Job.
John Venticinque
John Venticinque
7 September 2023
What a great company to have do ur work super professional neat affordable and fast don’t have any complaints will be using them angain next year
6 September 2023
Quality and professionalism.
The crew just left and my new asphalt driveway is beautiful! Best of all, the project was handled professionally from beginning to end. No nonsense or drama. The team worked like a well oiled machine. Each team member was courteous, respectful and hard working. They also made a small masonry repair on my porch step with concern and attention to detail. My wife and I are completely satisfied with the work and delighted that we chose APM O’Neill & Sons for our driveway project. We highly recommend this company.
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Colleen McEvoy
Colleen McEvoy
28 August 2023
My backyard is my new favorite place. APM is reliable, quick, great quality work. They put in a patio and 2 walk ways and transformed my yard. I highly recommend.
Lee Albano
Lee Albano
11 August 2023
Just had patio’s, walkways and driveway done. Apm O’Neil did a great job and were easy to work with. Price was great and the attention to detail was excellent. Gerald and his crew are top notch.
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